Agricultural Insurance

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The Combined Agricultural policy


It's a combined policy has general conditions for all types of Agricultural Insurance Also has 5 supplementaries and each supplementary has It's own special conditions.

1- Fire Insurance supplementary

This insurance covers all animal wealth projects , fodder facteries , hatchery, grains store houses , and a refrigeration warehousing . The company will indemnify the insured in respect of any damage resulted from fire and allied perils ( i.e ) storms and tempest , flood , Inundation , strikes , riot , and Malicious Act , Bursting of pipes , overflowing of water tanks , Aircraft and articles dropped therefrom , spontaneous combustion , earthquake, Explosion , and impact damage by road vehicle .

 2- Poultry Insurance Supplementary 

    The company will indemnify the Insured in respect of death arising out of illness or accident as follows :
      A- Broilers for 56 days .


      B- Laying chickens for 6 months ( breeding period ) and one year and a half for a production period .


      C- Meat chicken for 78 weeks .


      The insurance premium depends on farm specification shown in the survey report carried out by the agricultural insurance surveyors .


3- Livestock insurance supplementary .

     The company will indemnify the insured in respect of death for cows , buffalos , sheep , coats and horses arising out of disease or illness and accidents during the insurance period

4- Crop Insurance supplementary

This insurance covers agricultural crop , orchard , and vegetables from fire and lightning , heavy rains , inundation , flood , frost and snow fall , articles dropped therefrom , hail , drought in the rainfed area , and agricultural pests and insects which can't be controlled .

5:Agricultural vehicle insurance policy

    This insurance cover all  the agricultural vehicles from fire , theft , turning over , with tariff's rates .

Second :

1-   Theft insurance supplementary
This insurance covers any loss or damage to the insured property arising out of theft or any attempt thereat .

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National Insurance Company launches new document social insurance for college students

National Insurance Company launched a new insurance document devoted to college students ongoing study. The general director of the National Insurance Company Mr. Sadiq Fadhel said "The company and the basis of their tasks and responsibilities fired a close group insurance for students continuing to study in Iraqi universities, explaining that the cases that will be covered by the document is a natural death, and accidental death accidental, and death due to a terrorist incident. The injured permanent malfunction by a decision of a medical committee and the various stages of education. " The director of the company that the document will cover all college students aged (18-30 years) for a period of one academic year of the start of the school year, the date of the expiry Added general manager of the company that the amount of the specific insurance under this policy pays in the event of death of the insured to the beneficiary or rightful heirs, according to the desire of the insured upon issuance of the document

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