The insurance covers hull and machines of the river and sea floating pieces like oil tankers, ocean type ships, containers, cranes , boats , ferries, tractors , and yachts … etc.

1- The complementary insurance      

A- Hull and machinery policy ( ordinary sea perils) .
B- War risks policy . It covers total loss , construction total loss , and partial loss.

2- Obligatory Insurance

It covers total constructive loss arising out of fire , stranding , collision , explosion , overturning , lightning , earthquakes, volcanism , wilful act , and works of the vessels captain and the sailors … etc.
The pieces covered by insurance are all the sea pieces except the pleasure and sailing boats , ocean type ships, and oil tankers.
Hull Claims :

Complementary insurance

1- The insured shall notify the company in case of any accident .
2- The insured shall furnish all the documents needed to study the case . .

Obligatory Insurance claims

1- Warranted in case of any accident the loss will be total or constructive and not partial .
2- The insured should furnish the documents needed .